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CoSleep-White Noise,Asmr [iOS]

01.10.2018, FREE APP, by , 42℃.


Try CoSleep to forget your insomnia! The revolutionary and most popular relaxing sound App in China, created by leading therapists. Here we provide hundreds of FREE pleasant 3D sounds, ASMR, binaural beats and isochronic tones, to create ambiance and atmosphere to help you ease the mind and gradually fall into sleep.
Moreover, it’s also available in various situations more than just bedtime, like deep sleep, cat nap, focus, mindfulness & meditation, or relax. All you need to do is choose your favorite mix to play. And enjoy good time whenever you like.

How it helps your sleep?
・Sounds at proper frequencies due to authentic researches, to switch you on for
sleep really fast .
・Changing calming colors within interfaces release psychological hints for subconscious shift to sleep smartly.
・Continuous improvement and evaluated precisely by highly professional therapists team.
・Updating helpful methods in discovery channel from practical research.

Feature list:
・Hundred of natural or urban delightful lullaby: spring rain, campfire ,cat purring… More sounds will be uploaded continuously by weeks.
・FREE with no ads
・Handful timer for sleep aid or meditation.
・Eye-friendly in Night mode when night comes.
・Make groups with your own tastes easily using fantastic control panel .
・Playlist mode support. Enjoy favorite groups in playlist.
・Try officially made groups in Scene channel when hard to choose .
・Useful in various situations more than bedtime, like sound sleep , cat nap, work or just relax. Use whenever you need.

We are grateful to receive thousands of letters from users telling about their love for the App :
“Really helpful. I fell into sleep quickly almost like fainting!”
・Easy to use
“……quite easy to use. The interface is simple and clean just with all you need.”
・Great sounds
“I feel really safe, sleepy , and touched by the sound of frogs and cows which reminded me of my childish memory in countryside . It’s magic!”

CoSleep care about your sleep quality. Hope it will helps you tonight 🙂 !