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Tiny Tales Bible Adventures [iPad] [FREE]

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Tiny Tales Bible Adventures is a beautiful interactive collection of famous Biblical Stories. See these remarkable stories come to life like never before! Enjoy amazing interactive characters, captivating illustrations and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.

This interactive Biblical storybook will provide endless hours of pleasure, through its beautiful storyline, vivid and colorful scenes and engaging characters. Your Children will enjoy searching for hidden items and be captivated the Bible stories we all grown to love.

What’s Inside

Noah’s Ark Bible Story; more coming soon
Find the unique hidden items to be discovered on each page
Enjoy interacting with Characters throughout each story
Let us read to you, allow your child to audibly hear each story.
Free download of color pages for your children, Sunday School or VBS to enjoy


Stunning High Definition illustrations along with a rich narrative on every page
Read to Me – automatically reads each page of the story to you
Read it Myself – allows you to control the reading yourself
Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page.

Tiny Tales Bible Adventures interactive storybook provides an exciting reading experience for our Biblical based children’s stories. Richly filled with creative and engaging activities, each book inspires children’s creativity and imagination in a uniquely enjoyable way.

Stories Included initial download

Noah and the Ark
Launch Date: November 1, 2013
Follow Noah as he and his family embark on a 40 day journey that will change the world. Engage with characters and animals throughout this eight page interactive story. Find hidden items, experience sound effects and allow your child to be captivated for hours on end.

Coming Soon with in-App purchase

Adam and Eve
Launch Date: December 1, 2013
See how it all began from the forming of the world to the remarkable Garden of Eden. Follow Adam and Eve as they learn right from wrong and how our actions have consequences. Find items hidden throughout the playful Garden of Eden, and allow your child to experience how God intended it be.


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