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AVG Game – Alter Vú – Dead Reckoning [iPhone]

07.20.2017, LIMITED TIME, by , 1,024℃.

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Alter Vú, when someone remembers the story differently and is aware that the facts are developing in a different way.

Many believe that this type of feeling has to do with memories of other versions of ourselves, in other worlds.

Alter Vú is a first person, point and click adventure that explores the concept that we all walk different paths.

We are the sum of our experiences.

We didn’t question the quarantine. Until today.

This is where your world line begins. What has and will happen are down to you and up you to interperet however you like. Everything and everyone have a story.


How do we react when everything we’ve grown to believe, devolves into confusion, mystery, fear?

What’s left of this world, is yours to explore.

*This game contains no adds, pay once and play uninterupted*

It also saves your progress as you go, close the game at any point and you can ‘Persist’, pick up just where you left off with no worries.


I would warn that this is a game for those who like a challenge and rather not have everything spelled out. The game can be played like your standard point and click escape the room but with a more ‘open world’, it’s intended to be a game played slowly.

– An homage to games long past.
– Where choice has consequence and little is linear.
– A darker than average, point and click, mystery, adventure game.

This game marks my first one man project and solo launch to the App store, as a medium I like the idea that mobile games can provide enriching, moving and emotional experiences. Which is the direction I’m striving for. To create something a little odd. Anywho.

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