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Ben & Lea™ Underwater Adventures – Preschool Educational Learning Games [iOS]

07.11.2016, LIMITED TIME, by , 221℃.

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Ben and Lea™ embark on an adventure to find a lost treasure: A magic pearl! They’ll discover everything about the sea (its’ animals and environment). They’ll also learn about colours, numbers, shapes and sizes.
Ben and Lea™ are two very curious kids. They travel the world and explore their surroundings, often with the help of their imagination. They meet friendly characters, sometimes funny, sometimes magical, each with a story to tell.
You can choose to play together with your children, have them pair with a friend or simply let them explore the story.
As they follow along, kids learn new words. Excellent for developing reading skills and learning a new language.
Ben & Lea™ interactive stories adapt to your child’s answers every step of the way. It’s not only fun! It’s also focused on child development and encourages collaboration!

• High quality designs and animations.
• Maximized game time (Great number of scenes and multiple questions targeted to children age 2 to 6).
• Fun interactive story with multiple play modes (Touch mode or Camera mode).
◦ Easy touchscreen mode adapted to even the youngest ones.
◦ Camera mode: An enhanced and innovative play mode that stimulates dexterity, problem-solving and collaboration skills.
◦ You can print, color and cut out your own figurines (in-app instructions). The camera mode then uses your device’s built-in camera to validate items.
• Virtually every item on each page is interactive.
• Kids learn new words, colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, quantities and distances.
• Develops reading skills
• Develops second-langage skills
• Kids can follow along the story by reading the words or by listening to the narrator’s voice.
• Questions take into account different child development stages and adapt during game-play.
• Game interactivity is ALWAYS performed in a positive and encouraging way, in order to help build every child’s self-esteem.
• Move between the scenes freely by pressing the pause button.
• Available in English and French.
• Multiple stories available.


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