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Best Album – Web Albums Manager for Picasa [iOS]

04.07.2016, LIMITED TIME, by , 259℃.

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** Important notice **
As some of you may be aware, the Picasa service operated by Google will close on May 1st, 2016. Accordingly, as a special viewing application for GooglePhotos and Picasa, the next update to Best Album will remove many functions. You can not use a lot of feature listed below.

Best Album is an application that allows you to manage your web albums on Picasa from your iPhone/iPad much more easily and comfortably than ever before. With this application, you can view and manage all your albums (photos/videos) uploaded onto Picasa any time. Use this application to enjoy your precious memories with your friends and family!

■ Upload photos stored on your iPhone/iPad in one single operation, and using any size of your choice!

Best Album allows you to upload the photos on your device onto Picasa in one single operation. Exif information stored in your photos is always preserved, regardless of the size you choose when performing the upload. If your photos contain location information, you can also verify these on a map after the upload.

■ Powerful caching

Best Album can download all of your Picasa photos automatically. After downloading them, they are cached on your device, so you can view them all even when offline. You can also upload all the photos on your camera roll using Best Album; you can then delete the photos on your camera roll to lighten up the load on your iPhone/iPad.

■ Includes an image processing editor offering high level of functionality

Best Album includes an editor offering high level of functionality that allows you to perform a variety of editing operations such as rotation, cutting out, adding effects, etc. You can do everything you want just with this one application! (You can also choose to “Save As” a new image, or to “Save and Overwrite”.)

■Plus many other useful functionality


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