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CarTally [iOS]

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Cars. Catch them. Count them. Compare, sort and analyze. A whimsical journey toward the big city carries children into a world of mathematical literacy.

CarTally introduces kids to basic concepts in math and science. They sort cars based on color, and answer questions about what they observe in order to move forward. Four progressive levels make it fun for ages 4-8 (and up!). Your child can play where they have the most fun, and move ahead at their own pace. One tip: If your child can’t yet read, tap on the highway signs to have the questions read aloud.


Peaceful and quiet, the COUNTRY ROAD involves simple two color sorting. This is perfect for 4 or 5 year olds. Older kids will use this level to learn how to play the game, as they quickly progress to higher levels. Watch out for the speedy city car! Correctly count the tally marks to move ahead.

We see all types of cars traveling on the BRIDGE, so we now have four colors to sort. This challenges younger children, and provides a bit more excitement for their older brothers and sisters. Kids see their results displayed in a new graphical way, where the challenge involves simple counting. How many red cars are there…? How many blue cars are there?

Things speed up when you enter the SMALL TOWN. The task is the same, but intersecting roads and diagonal angles require a bit more concentration, attention and focus. First and second graders love this level. The cars come at a faster pace, increasing the fun. More complex math concepts are introduced. Are there more blue cars than red cars…? Are their fewer yellow cars than green cars…?

The CITY provides a real challenge. Cars come even more quickly, traveling on multiple intersecting roadways, set in the hustle and bustle of city life. You don’t have to catch all the cars Just do your best, but if you get three strikes, you will have to start again. It may take a few tries, but don’t give up! Complete this level to play a fun pattern matching mini-game.

CarTally was designed to introduce kids to basic concepts in math and science, and to challenge and inspire them to think about problems or questions in different ways.

• CarTally is an education game suitable for 4-8 year olds
• CarTally is appropriate for both readers and pre-readers
• CarTally has no in-app advertising
• CarTally has no in-app purchasing

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A more formal i.e GEEKY, Technical Description

CarTally is an educational game that introduces early elementary school children to the mathematical and scientific concepts of observation, classification, quantification and analysis. As your children identify passing cars and classify them by color, they generate a data set upon which fundamental math and relational questions are applied. As they advance through a series of progressive sorting levels, children are introduced to more complex analysis concepts, where alternative strategies for visualizing and evaluating these data are applied and presented. These lessons directly address component requirements of the Common Core State Standard in Mathematics for K – 2nd grade.


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