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Game – Bop Underwater #BopUnderwater [iOS]

05.28.2015, LIMITED TIME, by , 315℃.

Origin Price: $2.99, Now Free Limited Time.


***** ‘Pädi Award’ 2014 – Category ‘Apps for children’
***** ‘Mom’s Choice Award Gold’ – Category ‘Apps and Software’, ‘Preschool’
***** “Highly recommended” – by (German Youth Institute)
***** “… this is all about unguided exploration. I love that each of the twelve scenes in these apps are wordless.” – by
***** “Beautifully made, Bop Underwater encourage kids to interact with every part of the app.” – by

Bop, the curious mole, dives with you in an underwater world. Step into his submarine and meet his friends. Download Bop and sign up for the newsletter if you would like to receive information about his newest expeditions:

Bop’s world has been lovingly made from carefully cut and scanned fabric. The fabric weaves wondrous landscapes that take your children on interactive wanderings. They can go from left to right through a series of repeatable scenes. Bop is made of twelve scenes per App. Each scene stands on its own, yet all scenes interconnect. If needed, ladybugs scuttle to help the kids find the elements they are searching for. No language proficiency is required. The Bop App encourages children from 2 years onwards to stay in the game, to follow Bop’s story and to give him a helping finger with his projects.

· There he is again: Bop, the curious mole.
· Build a submarine and see how it takes off across the bottom of the sea.
· Can you uncover the pipefish that looks like seaweed? Now they are swimming on the surface!
· Drop red and blue wooden beads into the sea urchins. Can you tell which colors and sizes fit?
· Treasures at the bottom of the ocean! Find the right hook and pull them up.
· How many fish do you count? Tap the fish away and see what changes.
· Look at these jellyfish. They are making such nice music.
· Where will this dream boat take you when you put it together? The mole is having lot’s of fun.
· Fashionable starfish chasing hats! Put a hat on each starfish.
· So much garbage where it doesn’t belong! Luckily there is a digger which helps you clean it.
· Oh no, the octopus is missing a few of its suction pads! Give them back to him and see how he starts spreading his ink.
· Let’s start the engine. Look how the ship’s propeller makes the water bubble.


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