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Game – Hyper Race [iOS]

10.28.2015, LIMITED TIME, by , 493℃.

Origin Price: $0.99, Now Free Limited Time.


Hyper Race is a must have app for all casual and serious gamers alike. It features exhilarating speeds, mind blowing graphics, and a rare balance of fun and challenge factor that will keep you coming back for more. Try to keep up with the fastest jet cars in the galaxy. Each consecutive lap ups the speed, and the thrill!

Take your pick from six uniquely crafted cars for you to pilot across six tracks set in orbital planetary environments. Watch out for jumps and try your best to hit every speed boost for speeds upwards of 800MPH. Do remember to stay on the track, though!

The game features an efficient, advanced 3D engine with advanced shading effects that brings out the most of the latest mobile hardware, while breathing new life into older.

With some of the most advanced driving assists, you will be able to play this game at any level. Separate braking assistance and turn assistance tuning allows you to customize the feel of the ride. The assistance methods do not get in the way of skillful driving, and will learn and adjust to your input. Tilt and touch steer methods are available to choose from.

Modes of gameplay:

Single Race
Pick any of the 6 tracks for a single race. Touch to add or remove any number of cars to race against.

Hyper Trial
Compete for the best times on both your device and globally in a 6 lap race. Want to know the secrets of the top players? Then, you can view their replays and even race against their car as a ghost. This mode of gameplay is the fastest of all, and will thrill even the most experienced player when the competition is global.

Unlock the fastest car in the game by completing this series of 6 races across multiple planets in the solar system. Start at the moon, and try to rack up as many tournament points as possible all the way to Pluto, where the winner will be decided.

This mode of gameplay is more cooperative than it is competitive amongst you and a friend. That is because while you race with your friend, you are both combining an average time for a global ranking. Replays of other duos can be viewed in this mode and shared on both players screens at once. Only if both players are at their best can they rank the highest.

At 99 cents, this introductory offer will quickly be gone!


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