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Gravity Blocks X – The Last Rotation [iOS]

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Gravity Blocks – The most epic Puzzle game you’ll ever play!

Gravity Blocks is the game that forces you to think in other directions.
You have to take gravity under your control to change the position of the blocks and win the game. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, because if you change
the gravity once, every object is affected by it. So there will be many blocks
blocking your way to the goal, but also some which will help you.
Only if you play smart enough and with intuition, you’ll complete the tricky missions of the block heroes.

You need a puzzle game that challenges you? Well then Gravity Blocks is the perfect solution for you.
With over 180 Levels and 6 different game modes you have a lot of fun time. And if this is not enough you still can complete all sub-missions by collecting all the stars and beat the developer’s score.

Nameless scientists have proved that playing Gravity Blocks increases the intelligence up to 6 times.
To measure the high dimensions of intelligence, a new unit was introduced, the block IQ .
Increase your block IQ to the infinity and compare your rank with famous personalities like Blocky Balboa or Wayne the Block Johnson.

Why you should get Gravity Blocks, the short version for lazy readers:

– Stunning graphics and effects
– Great game mechanics
– Variety of gameplay guaranteed by 6 different modes
– Over 180 Level
– A huge number of blocks types
– funny characters with personality
– And much more!

Play Gravity Blocks and unblock your mind!


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