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InFocus Pro – Calendar, To Do, Notes & Projects All-in-One Organizer [iPhone] [Limited Time]

12.14.2014, LIMITED TIME, by , 655℃.


Increase your productivity, manage your projects, organize simple to do lists, and/or take notes. This app does it all! Now with a new features for iOS 7.

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“This app rocks. Helps me manage multiple projects, really increasing my productivity.”

“Excellent application! Very handy to plan any obligation, pending, work, even a simple reminder!”

“I use it very often for my personal small business project management.”

“Takes many features of other programs to help you with your tasks and your organization, whether you are student, professional or work with multiple projects at the same time! “

Advanced Organizer with advanced features and flexibility means it can handle your simple or complex tasks. It’s like having 5 productivity apps All-In-One!

5 Apps All-In-One:

• Calendar
• Checklist
• To Do
• Projects
• Notes

New Features for iOS 7:

• New Cool Calendar which allows you to add your own background images.

• Ability to hide unwanted Calendars

• Customize the way you view your to do’s.


• Handwrite your events and/or your to-do’s for quick entry in the color you desire

• Calendar with List, Day, Week & Month views

• To-do’s with tabbed categories or a simple Checklist style to-do list

• Add Project folders & subfolders with to-do’s and/or notes

• Add Notes with handwritten sticky, text, pictures and sketches

• Organize your Projects visually with multiple subfolders, tasks and notes all under one view.

• While you are on the road, InFocus will speak your activities and assignments to you. Note: This is Text to Voice, not Voice to Text.


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