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iSolver Pro [iPhone] [Limited Time]

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iSolver Pro is an advanced calculator application designed for students up to college underclassmen. iSolver Pro includes both a graphing calculator and various calculating algorithms for specific problems. The purpose of iSolver Pro is to condense the functions of both the traditional graphic calculator and solving algorithms in a way that is simple for user to solve with the click of a button! iSolver Pro’s graphic calculator has been broken down to include only the functionality needed by students in average high school classes. We have taken the traditional graphic calculator and gave it an intuitive interface that contains all the functions you’ll need. You won’t waste your time searching through lists of functions, or trying to make sense of a cluttered interface as in other iOS graphing calculator apps! If you are looking to get through high school, and don’t want to purchase a calculator with hundreds of functions you’ll never even use, iSolver Pro is for you!

iSolver Pro allows you to:
* Graph up to 10 functions, color coded
* Easily switch between Radian and Degree mode with the click of a button
* Specify window settings for the graphing view
* Display a table of function values
* Easily clear the interface with either a shake gesture or clear button
* Perform trig functions of sine, cosine and tangent, including their inverses
* Convert decimals to fractions
* Use constants such as Pi and e
* Specify scientific notation with E
* Calculate logarithms, natural logs, take square roots and exponents

Calculating algorithms include:

* Radical Simplifier
* Make equations of circle (with quick graph!) knowing: Center & Radius, Ends of the Diameter, Center & Area, Center & Circumference, Center & Point
* Make equations of an ellipses knowing: Vertices & Co-Vertices
* Solve quadratics, FOIL binomials, factor a trinomial and convert a quadratic equation to and from vertex form

* Note: This calculator is not for professional engineers, or similar upper level math students. The purpose of this calculator is to give students who loath math, as much as we do, a quick and simple graphic calculator. This calculator gives students what they need, so they won’t need to waste money on other graphic calculators that charge them a premium for functions they’ll never use, ever.

Any and all bugs are absolutely unacceptable, in the unlikely event you stumble upon one please report it to our support webpage.

Like this app? Feel free to request any additional features. Keeping in mind this app is for students, who cannot wait to get out of math!


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