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Lead Wars [iOS]

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Lead Wars is a turn-based strategy game requiring smart thinking and physical skill. It simulates the real life paper war games played in the days before portable gaming devices which needed only a pencil, some paper and lots of imagination!

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• Charted #1 Strategy Game in 23 countries!

Control a fleet of planes, tanks and artillery units by taking turns to flick a pencil around a hand-drawn battlefield on a piece of paper, making long curve shots and strategic moves to try and outwit and out-skill your opponent.

• – “The execution is what makes Lead Wars shine. Startlingly unique, a fabulous little game.” 4.5/5
• – iOS Game Of The Day – “Surprisingly deep”, “From a strategic perspective, Lead Wars is a beautiful achievement.” 4/5
• – “You’ll definitely love this game.” 4/5
• – PadGadget Recommended! “Some battle are easily solved puzzles, while other start to feel more like chess games.” 4/5
• – “a brilliantly implemented game”
• iTunes review – djflippy: “Lead Wars has a rare quality; the simulation is actually better than that which it simulates.” 5/5

Note this is not your typical path-drawing game – this is a simulation of the real life game played with a real pencil.

The flick mechanic works just like it does in real life (try it!): Point a pencil straight down onto some paper, holding it by the top with just one finger. While pressing down firmly, slowly tilt the top of the pencil – beyond a critical angle the tip will suddenly slip away leaving a line drawn on the paper. This line determines your move or shot on the battlefield.

Main Features:
• Online Multiplayer – battle live or asynchronously*
• 2-player tabletop / pass ‘n’ play
• Single-player vs-CPU
• Single-player Campaign – rise up through the Army ranks
• Map Creator – create your own battlefields
• Instant Replays – replay all moves and shots in latest turn
• 25 Game Center Achievements (some secret!) + Leaderboards
• Training missions and 100+ Campaign missions
• Visual ‘MoveAid’ system and tips for beginners
• 15 built-in battlefields, store up to 75 custom maps
• Have up to 25 local games on the go at once
• Have up to 30 Asynchronous online games on the go
• Highly configurable Game Setup
• Choice of 4 paper styles + 3 pencil leads
• Doodle graphics and verbal sounds – just like the real game!

* Online multiplayer requires Game Center, and asynchronous online play requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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