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Little Pocket Friends-Touch and Learn [iOS]

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Little Pocket Friends Touch and Learn, an interactive iPad app for kids ages one to five. The app introduces younger iPad users to 150 different words in nine different categories, including: numbers, activities, things, vehicles, feelings, shapes, nature, colors and animals. Each word is accompanied is represented by a colorful image and sounds to help keep a young players attention.

“Even at the early phases of life, kids love to learn. They want to know about the world around them, and scientific studies have shown how rapidly the brain assimilates new information at this age,” said Pixel Hauz developer Soon Ooi. “We developed this iPad app for kids to help them better articulate the things they see in their everyday lives.”

Touch and Learn – Flash Card App
The Little Pocket Friends iPad app for kids basically works like an electronic flash card. Children touch the image they want to learn about and that image becomes larger on the screen. Children are then able to hear the name of item on the screen, as well as any accompanying sounds. For example, if the lion image is touched, children will hear the word “lion,” and experience the roar from the king of the jungle.

“It helps children to both identify the imagery in the picture and learn to pronounce the words properly,” explain Ooi. “It’s a memory tool, but created in a fun, easy to understand way.”

Important features of the app
Have a look at some of the features you and your child get in Little Pocket Friends:
• Suitable for toddlers and young learners
• Colorful and interesting graphics
• Lively music and special sound effects make learning fun and memorable
• Learn new words everyday – 150 words in nine different categories
• Easy for children to learn and play without parental help
• Simple app even for techno-savvy grandparents.


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