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Live HD/R [iOS]

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Record real-time tonemapped HDR video in HD resolution right from your iPhone 6: a world first! (See below if you don’t have an iPhone 6.) Watch the demo video at: SANTA HAS MADE THIS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Built from the ground up for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Thalia™ Live HD/R™ lets you record movies with large variations in brightness across a scene. Details in bright skies and in dark shadows are visible in splendid detail at the same time.

Thalia Live HD/R records HDR video in real time. You can change the tonemapping settings right on the screen and immediately see how it changes the video. Settings available include EV compensation, zoom, global contrast, local contrast, radius, noise reduction, gamma, and saturation. Video is output as a Quicktime video in 720p with 30 fps, suitable for watching, sharing, and editing with most video editing software. Our patent-pending HD/R technology brings out detail where in a normal video there would be just black or white. For a strong visual effect often associated with HDR, simply reduce the global contrast setting and crank up local contrast, radius, gamma, and saturation.

Only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support HDR video recording. Some older models are supported, but recording will not be in HDR and frame rates and resolution will be reduced. Thus, on older models you can still experiment with the app, but the recordings will, for technical reasons, neither be true HDR nor HD video. iPad Air 2 records tonemapped video in 1080p, i.e., true HD video in even higher resolution than the iPhone 6, but not in true HDR–i.e., on iPad Air 2 you get the visual effect, but not much expansion of the camera’s dynamic range.


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