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Media Editor – DoF Viewer [iOS]

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DoF Viewer is an application used to calculate the depth of field (DoF) as well as the Angle of View (AoV).
It also calculates the hyperfocal distance, the near and far boundaries for acceptable sharpness (near focus and far focus).
A new function gives an indication of the amount of background blur.

The application is Universal, it means it can run on both iPhone and iPad.

The originality of the application is its graphical interface that allows the user to view
the depth of field values on all the aperture range without having to change a new setting.
The user can quickly realize the influence of its setting, and other possibilities it has to manage the depth of field.

The application is very simple to use, only two parameters require configuration:
– The type of camera used (A database of over 250 cameras is available)
– The unit of measurement (metric or imperial)

The user configures its shooting parameters with 2 “sliders”.
– The focal length (focal) between 8mm and 1200mm
– Distance shooting (Distance)

The depth of field is calculated in “real time”.
Thanks to a “moving” window, DoF Viewer gives the value of the hyperfocal, the depth of field (DOF), the minimum and maximum distance of acceptable sharpness zone (Near Focus Far Focus) for each f-stop.
And this without any button! Simply with a “vertical” swipe on the workspace.

A «tap» on one of the DoF row will display the new view : The visualization of the amount of background blur (or degree of fuzziness ). With this new graph you can analyze how blurred areas are represented on the picture and estimate both the degree and the quality of unsharpness. The graph represents the variation of the blur spot size in function of the distance.

A “Tab” provides access to the calculation of the angle of view
The angle of View is given in degrees it represents the angle covered by the lens (horizontal, vertical and diagonal)
The field of view is given in meters (feet) it represents the distance covered by the lens for a given distance.

Another view is used to display the depth of field in another way!
This “bar graph” view shows the depth of field for the entire range of f-stop

The user can configure the aperture scale from of f/1 to f/64 with full-stop, one-half-stop and one-third-stop f-number.
The distance scale is also configurable to suit the type of lens used (wide or tele)
Beware though it is possible to configure a 1200mm lens with a focusing point at 5 cm, DoF Viewer does not check the consistency of the parameters entered by the user!

An “Expert” mode is available to calculate the circle of confusion
This calculation eliminates the criterion of Zeiss and can estimate the depth of field with respect to the final image (enlargment).
Help section explaining the concept of “expert CoC” is accessible from the application
With The iPad version it is possible to compare two different types of configuration


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