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Monster ABC – Learn with the little monsters [iOS]

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++ Awarded German ELTERN family magazine’s GIGA-Maus 2013 prize as the “Best Learning Game” in the category “Kids from 4 to 6 years old”

++ Awarded Best Children Apps’ Prize 2013 in the category “Pre-School Apps”

+ TOP #1 Education app for children in the German App Store
+ Amusing monsters make learning letters enormous fun
+ Perfect for children entering school and those who can’t wait for school to start

+ The highly popular children’s app Monster ABC is now available in English!

Monster ABC guides your child in a really fun way through the process of literacy acquisition. It helps children get to grips with letters and the initial sound of words in the best way possible.

What is an initial sound?
Today, little ones use initial sounds to navigate the first stages of literacy acquisition. An initial sound is the first sound of a word and is represented by a letter or a letter combination (like “mm” in the word “mouse” and “sh” in the word “sheep”). Children learn how to make out the initial sound of a word and match it to a letter.

How does Monster ABC support literacy acquisition?
The app helps children to learn letters and the sound they make in a fun way by using pictures. Each picture represents a word whose initial sound must be matched to the corresponding letter. If the initial sound and letter match, your child will enjoy a true sense of achievement. In doing so, the child easily recognizes the correct combination of initial sound and letter. The learning process is supported interactively with visualizations and sounds that are perfect for children.

In addition, a free-of-charge initial-sound table, featuring pictures and their matching initial sounds from Monster ABC, can be downloaded from the wonderkind website:

Monster ABC was developed together with grandparents, parents, and kids, taking into account professional pedagogical and linguistic considerations.


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