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Mysteries of the Mankind [iPad]

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For thousands years, human beings have strong interest in their origin. People made up many myths for explaining the origin of mankind in the remote age of underdeveloped science. With the development of science, there are several theories about the mankind origin. Human began to aware their origin with the arise of the theory of evolution.

This app will guide you to unveil the mysteries of mankind: the mystery of the ancestor; the origin of the Mongolian; the nations that eat raw meat; the djalainor man; the winged man with strange eyes; the human infant in the dinosaur egg; the terrifying phantom passenger; sacrifice with burned babies; etc.
Aiming to help people to explore knowledge, this app introduces some unsettled historical myths and introduces some mysterious phenomenon: the prehistoric traces of human beings; the rise of different nations; giants; etc. In short, this app explains various riddles of the human beings.
Following this app, you can know the mysterious and hardly-known human culture.

【Characteristics of the app】

Simple language and lively image
One myth per chapter
Pop-up popular science knowledge
Exquisite pictures about the evolution of mankind
Latest interactive background composing

【Customer reviews】

This is really an interesting app! I am attracted by its contents.
— sieojfa
It really make my eyes open! I didn’t know that there are so many riddles about human. It is better to read this app than to watch TV!
— Poplar
This app introduced many mysterious of mankind like the origin of mankind, the disappearance of the Etruscans, etc. It is like a moving encyclopedia that we can use at any time and in any place.
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