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OptimizeMe [iPhone] [Limited Time]

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OptimizeMe helps you record your life to improve it. Simply track all your daily activities in a single app and learn how everything you do and everyone you meet influences your life, health and fitness.

OptimizeMe has been featured in TheNextWeb, Lifehacker, AppAdvice, Mac|Life, MobiHealthNews and more.

OptimizeMe allows you to track your everyday activities, places you visit and people you meet. You can also log your Mood, Stress Level, Health Status, Quality of Sleep, Weight, Symptoms, Period and many other things. With activity tracker Moves installed (, you can automatically track Running, Cycling, Walking, Steps, Calories and Locations (Foursquare). Your virtual life coach Ari translates all this data into your personal insights by automatically mining correlations in your own data. The more you track, the more insights you will get – and the more accurate they will be.

How does walking affect your sleep? How does your time spent at work influence your health? How do other people affect your mood? OptimizeMe answers all of these and many more questions to provide you with decision support and motivation in your everyday life.


• Automatically track your daily Steps with M7 (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini)
• Simply track your time spent on any Healthy activities like sleep, gym or yoga
• Track your Pleasure activities, like going to the movies, watching TV or sex
• Keep track of your Creative activities like photo shootings or cooking
• Track your time spent on Routine activities like work, study or transport
• Automatically track Weather, Daily High and Moon Phase and discover how it affects you
• Use Moves to automatically track Running, Cycling and Walking
• Use Moves to automatically recognize places and track activities with GPS
• Use Moves as active Calorie counter and daily Step counter (Pedometer)
• Track your mood and find out what makes you happy
• Tag people you meet and learn how they influence your mood and health
• Keep a private journal of your everyday life with photos and comments


• Correlations: Get personal insights from automatic analysis of your data
• Goalsetter: Set your daily goals for any important activities and parameters
• Ari: Spot new trends and reach your goals with your personal life coach
• Analyzer: Visualize your life and progress with multiple interactive charts


• All your data stays inside the app and only leaves if you backup to Dropbox
• You can add, edit or delete this data any time directly in the app

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