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Paint logue – Painting,Watercolor,Sketch,ToonPaint [iOS]

10.25.2016, LIMITED TIME, by , 203℃.

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Feeling dull with regular photo and need some creativity? Now paint skill is not needed anymore to create beautiful watercolor painting—Paint logue could transform your photos into painting.

App features:
• Painting effect of oilpaint, color sketch and watercolor.
• Different type of watercolor presets: portrait, scenery, group photo, building, animal, object, night and more to come.
• Paper textures in the artwork.
• User’s signature could be added to the watercolor painting
• Faded border / edge option
• Save your painting and share them easily to social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and more)
• We will assure you of continuous development of more features and more design of watercolor effect to come.

Some idea here on what you can do with the watercolor art?
• Display it in messenger service as profile watercolor photo to impress your friends.
• Upload to social website to look different from others.
• Print it in canvas or frame it as DIY unique gift for your relatives and friends.
• Create elegant wall decoration for your house, office or room.
• Use your painting to create your blog, journal and as logue collection.
• Design your own T-Shirt with painting.
• Transform pet to watercolor photo as your wallpaper.
• Create watercolour as great closing gift.
• Preparing a scrapbook for your loved one, school project, family or friends.
• Souvenir for conference, events or gathering. You could convert the photo to watercolour or sketch that stay in the participants’ memory.
• Elegantly suitable for your wedding invitation card .
• And many more, you name it.

Some fun fact you may not know about water color:
Watercolor is one of the oldest forms of painting. In its most basic essence, watercolor paint is a combination of pigment and gum arabic. And this binder gum arabic is made from the hardened sap of the acacia tree. It is easily dissolved in water and non-toxic. Historically, it was chewed as gum and is still used widely in the food industry today.

These app make watercolor so much fun, try it now! Please leave us a constructive feedback on how we could improve the app for you. Thank you.


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