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Penguins! Escape [iOS] [Limited Time]

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*** FREE! To celebrate the launch of Polar Bowler, Penguins! Escape is free for a limited time. Grab it now before this deal escapes! ***

Penguins make all kinds of noises like chortles, squabbles, and chatters. Guess what they sound like when they’re shot out of a cannon?

BOOM! (Followed by chortles, squabbles, and chatters…)

It turns out that Penguins are a very curious type of flightless bird and they love to explore. By escaping their Antarctic environment at the zoo, they can see how the rest of the zoo lives.

They know that escaping isn’t as easy as originally thought. It involves trampolines, switches, cannons, traveling by tube and… floating bubbles? Man, why does it have to be that complicated? Well, nothing can go wrong if you stick together right? After all, flightless birds of a feather flock together!

Help the Penguins get out of their environment and look around the zoo by aiding in their escape. Get them to the coveted exit pipe and on to the next exciting zoo exhibit by placing trampolines for them to bounce on, bubble machines float them around, cannons to make them fly (for once in their lives!), and springs for them to jump on. With your help, they’ll be touring the zoo in no time! They’ll follow one another to a fault and have a tendency to fall or get caught by a zookeeper if they’re not carefully watched.

Penguins! Escape is an update to the beloved WildTangent title Penguins! We’ve improved everything from the ground up and adapted it for a fun, new gameplay experience on the phone and tablet. Here’s what we did:

-NOT THAT WAY! Our touch controls have been redesigned from the ground up to ensure you are launching Penguins in the proper direction.

-EVEN THE ZOOKEEPER IS HANDSOME: All of the graphics have been redone and optimized for retinal displays

-ONCE MORE WITH FEELING! Thanks to some feather-riffic new animations, Penguins now slide like butter, sproing with gusto, and ploof with feeling!

-FEELS LIKE HOME: Our backgrounds have been redrawn so everyone in the zoo will feel more at home.

-EARN STARS CUZ THEY’RE RAD!: Earn up to three stars every level by leading a sufficient number of Penguins to freedom, collecting the coins in the level, and doing all of that under the par time. Earning stars lets you unlock levels and makes you feel like a champ!

The game is brighter, more beautiful, more intuitive, and (dare we say) more fun! Come help the Penguins take their zoo tour and have a great time doing it!


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