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Scan Connect – Omni Scanner to Scan and Share All Your PDFs [iPad]

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You heard it right; Scan Connect works like a charm to let you scan anything with your iPad. Scan Connect comes with Edge Detection that simplifies your scan job down to just snap and save. Scan Connect allows you to easily adjust your scans with our various built-in filters and settings to improve legibility.

Scan Connect simple yet project-oriented interface turns each of your scan job into a project folder. Imagine how much easier it’d be when you can quickly capture all the paper documents and turn them into one multi-page PDF in a matter of seconds. Scan Connect does just that. Scan Connect even lets you easily arrange the page order in the scanned PDFs. Let Scan Connect manage your receipts, timetable, whiteboards, posters, books, and every hard-copy documents. Quickly sort your scanned files by alphabet order, time, or the level of importance you assigned.

Scan Connect is not only your scan project manager; it’s your ultimate file manager that helps you stay organized. Scan, edit, save, arrange, and share- it’s simple as 1-2-3!
Scan Connect makes mobile scanning easy as every feature in this application is triggered by simple gestures: swipe to switch between scanning modes; previewing outputs picture by picture; tap shortcut buttons to email out, open in or print the scanned files, and launch cloud storage to share the documents.

1.iOS 7 Compatible
2.AirDrop supports
3.Quick scan with front-facing camera and grid support
4.Simple user interface to minimize your learning curve
5.Intuitive Gesture: Swipe to switch between Projects and PDFs modes, swipe to preview scans picture by picture
6.Improve scan readability: Edge Detection (auto and manual) , Filters*, Rotation, White Balance
7.Flexible File Management: Sorting by alphabet/ time/favorite
8.Thumbnail File Viewing Mode ensures efficient file search and preview
9.Drag to rearrange scanned page orders
10.Export to encrypted PDFs
11.Customize and edit PDFs: Layout, Page Number and Margin
12.Share scanned files and individual image via AirPrint, Email and major Cloud options.
13.Upload scanned files to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive,Box, MyDisk, SugarSync, FTP and WebDAV
14.Multi-Lingual User interface: English, Traditional/ Simplified Mandarin Chinese (the list will expand in the coming updates)

Scan Connect answers your needs:
+ Organize and share your iPad’s Photo Library into PDFs
+ Snap receipts and invoices for easy reimbursement
+ Replace hand-written notes
+ Digitize important hard-copied documents
+ Stop paying for photocopying
+ Scan all your important ID cards and store copies in your mobile device
+ Archive business cards or any notes

Go Paperless. You only need Scan Connect to scan all.

*Filters Selections: Gray Scale, Binarization, Exposure, Contrast, Blur, Edge Detection, Gamma Correct, Edge Enhance and Shadow Remove

Constant improvement is our promise to you. Reach out to us at for questions and comments.

Note: iPad 1 may experience limited features due to lack of camera support.


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