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Slamjet Stadium [iPad] [Limited Time]

11.21.2016, LIMITED TIME, by , 570℃.

Origin Price: $2.99, Now Free Limited Time.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLAMJETTERS! Slamjet Stadium is 1 year young today, and is FREE all day to celebrate!

“This is anarchic, free-wheeling indie gaming at its finest, and shows just how far a bit of innovation can go”
9 out of 10, Gold Award – Pocket Gamer

The future’s wildest sport is back! Take on your friends in crazy hoverbike battles to become the ultimate champion. Share the iPad and fight for victory in the game where pushing, shoving, and stealing each other’s characters isn’t just allowed… it’s encouraged!

Based on the ancient 20th Century sport known as “soccer”, the Slamjet Stadium tournament is the biggest event of the galactic calendar. Arenas are filled with deadly saws, mysterious wormholes and ridiculous power-ups, and the rules are there to be broken!

But this is the year 2113, and shadowy figures lie in the background – figures from Earth’s past with plans to use the tournament for their own nefarious purposes…

Grab your players with your fingers, pull back to charge a shot and release to send them flying! Bash the ball into the goal! Take on the challenging computer-controlled teams in Solo mode, or take on a friend in chaotic match-ups on a shared iPad!

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New & Noteworthy in 61 countries!

“A fantastic example of the kind of innovative gaming that could only really work on a touch based tablet”

“Slamjet Stadium is an absolute hoot for solo and multiple players alike. We suggest you flick it to the top of your to-play pile pretty sharpish.”
4 out of 4, Padvance

“It’s impossible to describe how much chaos can be involved and how competitive games can get.”

“Tons of action-packed twists every way you turn, and that frantic addictiveness of a great arcade game”

“Alistair Aitcheson’s air-hockey remix is scrappy, silly sporting madness.”
Edge Online

“Slamjet Stadium is a must-buy for fans of frantic, action-packed sports games with a killer multi-player mode for when you’ve got company”

“Slamjet Stadium is a must-download”
Guardian Apps Blog


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