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Super Sprint Racer [iOS]

04.28.2016, LIMITED TIME, by , 225℃.

Origin Price: $0.99, Now Free Limited Time.


For all those Racing fans who love the sheer thrill of racing, being best in the race and reaching the top.Here’s a game that you would want to try.

Super Sprint Racer brings you the sheer excitement of 2D Racing.If some of you think 2D racing is easy, try our game and with new and improved variety of tracks. The game travels back to those time when 2D Racing was loved by all and is still loved by all.

The rules of the game are very simple: whichever car crosses the set finish line wins the game!The game tests your reaction and judgment.The curvy turns require proper judgement and timing.
Multi-Layer tracks which give you sheer excitement and thrill to race.

There are 25 different tracks with unusual obstacles that will slow you down,but wheres the fun when there are no obstacles and will keep you glued to the game.

We have introduced drifting of cars which gives you the feeling of drift racing in today’s time, awesome soundtrack.

Be the best in the race.Complete the race in the lowest time to set a record, get the highest score.Free to play, Download Fast!!


* 2D Racing, different kinds of obstacles.
* Different, innovative tracks with increased difficulty.
* Drifting of cars which will give the feeling of actual drift races.
* Increased difficulty after certain levels.
* Unlock different levels by gaining stars.
* Level 25 is bonus level with highest difficulty with 7 competitors for all the true racers who think they have what it takes to finish at the top.
* Multi-Layer tracks which increases the thrill of racing if you lose focus,you are done!!
* Improves reflex and perception.
* Stunning visuals.
* Smooth Gameplay.
* Suitable for all age group.
* Player can share their achievement on facebook and twitter with their friends.


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