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Tally Board [iOS]

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Dudes…Do you hear that yawning sound in your head? That’s your brain, and it’s bored! Tally Board will get you and your brain pumped-up again for sure! After all the stuff your brain has done for you, show it some fun with Tally Board, the game App that is rocking the mobile universe!

***** 8.5 out of 10: “A difficult and engaging puzzle game that comes highly recommended.” -TapScape

***** 5 out 5: “Time flies when you are playing the game and it is great for both children and adults alike” -TheAppMagazine

=== Tally Board APP FEATURES ===

•Clean and simple interface.
•Cool chalkboard graphics.
•Sound effects that POP.
•Addictive and Challenging Continuous Gameplay.
•Multiple Difficulty Levels to choose.
•Leaderboards for bragging rights on Apple Game Center.
•Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.
•Updates to ensure flawless gameplay and new bonus features.

Tally Board is the number/puzzle game that everyone is buzzing about. It challenges your number skills, reasoning skills and strategy skills. No other app does all that and makes it so fun that you can’t put the darn thing down!

=== HOW Tally Board WORKS ===

•It’s super easy to get in the flow!
•Pick your difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard.
•Tap 2 numbers close together on the chalkboard that either add up to, or multiply to a third number that’s nearby, or even a fourth. In fact, you can add or multiply as many numbers as you like.
•Don’t see any numbers that add up? Just swipe in any direction: an additional number appears on the chalkboard.
•Swipe too many times and the board fills up and you lose.
•3 awesome super powers to help you out when you really need it: Hint, Free Move, Swap Tiles.

Look at all those numbers on the “chalkboard”…they’re making fun of you! Ouch, number 8 in the corner just said you’ll never make the leaderboard. Oh, great, now your brain is upset! GET IN THERE, and have some fun, your brain will thank you for it and you’ll have a wicked blast!

With a little determination, focus, attitude, and strategy and you’ll stand atop the leaderboard – a Viking Ninja conqueror…with a big happy brain and one huge smile on your face. It’s fun to be great! It’s also great to be fun! The perfect win – win, and we’ve got it for you on Tally Board, available NOW.

Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Tally Board! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!

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