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WarMen [iOS]

10.19.2016, No Comments, LIMITED TIME, by , 208℃.

Origin Price: $2.99, Now Free Limited Time. Description In the year 2013 civil unrest across the globe pushes world leaders to merge the Police and Military into one force: Department of Control. A resort of United Nations that acquired secret technology, that was hidden from the public for decades. Opposing it, is the resistance, composed out of former military members that refused to join the Department. Marco is one of them, and the game tells his story. We join Marco a...

Origin Price: $0.99, Now Free Limited Time. Description “Crashsite” is a Third Person Shooter with a “UFO: Enemy Unknown” touch. As an operative of a private military contractor of the Usa : “Daimonion” you investigate mysterious alien activity, that takes place around a multidimensional object – “the whirlpool”, that exploded into existence presumably after an accident in a secret lab somewhere in Northern America. At ...