Calibre v5.7.2 – 开源电子书管理程序


Calibre v5.7.2 – 开源电子书管理程序
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Calibre是一款开源免费的电子书管理程序,由国外高手KOVID GOYAL编写。Calibre 4.0 主要的一个变化是 Content server 使用的 web 内容渲染引擎从 Qt WebKit 迁移到 Qt WebEngine,原因是前者不再维护。

切换到 Qt WebEngine 也使得 Calibre 重写了电子书浏览器、PDF Output 等组件,Content server 加入了元数据编辑、电子书移除和添加,转换到所有支持格式等功能。


Release: 5.7.2 [12 Dec, 2020]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Add a “Read aloud” function that works via the operating system’s Text-to-speech engine.

    Click the “Read aloud” button in the viewer controls to start reading the book text aloud from the current page.

  • A new busy spinner for waiting animations
  • Edit metadata: Add buttons to easily set yes/no fields also shortcut to clear the field.

    Closes tickets: 1907140

Bug fixes

  • PDF Output: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke text rendering for some fonts due to a bug in Qt WebEngine (full fix is in 5.7.2).

    Closes tickets: 1905967

  • PDF Output: Fix conversion failing when adding header/footer and the input document defines margins/padding on the <html> tag.

    Closes tickets: 1905736

  • Windows: Fix the case of library names in copied calibre:// links sometimes incorrect.

    Closes tickets: 1907159

  • AZW3 Input: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke processing of files with inline flow replacements.

    Closes tickets: 1906459

  • Fix hiding and showing book details panel changes its size by a pixel or two.

    Closes tickets: 1906149

  • Get books: Fix not working because of website changes.

    Closes tickets: 1907067

  • Bulk metadata search/replace: Fix text transform function not being applied to the test result in character mode
  • Book list: Improve rendering of column headers when they dont fit, by eliding them instead of just cutting off rendering.

    Closes tickets: 1906464

  • Fix template function “first_non_empty” fails if no argument evaluates non-empty

    Closes tickets: 1906063

  • Fix regression in 5.7.0 causing failure to start if one of the previously used libraries had a stored path ending in a slash.

    Closes tickets: 1907773

Improved news sources

  • The Guardian
  • The Atlantic


Calibre v5.7.2官网下载链接:Windows 32位 / 64位 | Mac

Calibre 4.0官网下载链接:Windows 32位 / 64位 | Mac


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